Our Philosophy

We here at Chacon Insurance Services believe in the philosophy of time equaling money. This may sound cliche but we understand that time is the most valuable asset someone has. So we want to save you that time. We understand this and the purpose of our brokerage is to save you time so that you can guarantee that your insurance coverage are understood and ready with little to no time.

Our Mission

Insurance is a confusing topic. We get it. However, our mission is to make the process of understanding the value and system that insurance has. We provide the best communication to our clients and want to make sure that they understand that we are with them 100% of the way.

Our Story

People think insurance brokers are just out there to get your money & try to hustle whatever they can to sell you a premium or some bogus insurance. However, contrary to popular belief, insurance brokers, like Chacon Insurance Services, are here to make sure you understand what exactly you’re protected against & covered for. We’re almost like your full time personal lawyer for insurance! The thing is, with a broker you will completely understand what you’re paying monthly for & there will be no second thoughts or doubts on how you will need to handle a situation when they come. We strive & put the most emphasis on customer support. We believe that if you are not able to feel TRULY comfortable with what we’re providing, please, let us find some way to show you that we’re the most trustworthy & willing insurance brokerage in the San Francisco & South San Francisco area!

Who We Help

Construction Workers


Factory Workers

Business Owners