Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is there to protect you if you are liable for something big. Similar to an umbrella, it is there to fill in coverage caps that you may have from your other insurance policies.

For example, if you’re in a big car accident and need to cover replacement and medical costs, umbrella insurance can help in these extra costs. Instead of just having your normal auto insurance coverage, California umbrella insurance gives you the additional coverage you may need.

We Can Help

Umbrella Insurance can assist in the claim and payment processes by covering costs when all other insurance is exhausted. This makes the handling of claims and payments made a much easier process. Chacon Insurance Services can help find the right umbrella policy to fit their needs.

Personal Liability Umbrella Policies may provide:

  • Additional liability protection at a reasonable price
  • Protection against personal claims, such as defamation of character, libel, or slander, that may not be covered by your other policies
  • Minimum coverage of $1 million, which can be increased in $1 million increments

How can a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy help protect you?


While driving, you change lanes and cause an accident, which results in multiple injuries to passengers of another vehicle.


While cooking, you leave your stove unattended. In addition to damaging your property, the fire also damages your neighbor’s property and injures your neighbors. As a result, you may have to pay for any repairs to your neighbor’s dwelling in addition to any injury claims. Or, consider that while on your property, a guest slips on your sidewalk or falls from your trampoline. The injured person could file a claim against you.


While operating your boat, you hit a water skier and cause serious injury.